Adam Miller Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Adam Miller in Kearney - Advantage Martial Arts

Adam Miller

Rank: School Black Belt

Favorite Activity in Martial Arts:Basics and Forms 
Favorite Technique in Martial Arts: Butterfly Kick 
Favorite Food: Mexican 
Favorite Music/Musician: I like all kinds of music (Classical, Country, Rock, Pop, Rap). If I had to pick a favorite musician through I'd probably go with Billy Joel.
Favorite Book: Mostly a non-fiction reader but my most recent favorite fiction book would be "Ready Player One"
Favorite Movie: Too many to pick just one! 
About Me: I play the piano and guitar, love to go snow skiing, playing pool (Straight pool and 9-ball), enjoy building software products, and coaching kids in various sports.  
I Admire:  Hard to pick or point out just one. I find admirable qualities in people all around me both in my personal and professional life.  Those are the types of people I like to surround myself with as they help you to aspire to become better at everything you do. 
My Goals: To consistently work on becoming a better leader, coach, father, and husband. 

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