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Master Phillips


Master Phillips began training in Kansas City in 1989, earning her 1st degree Black Belt in 1993 and is currently a 5th Dan Black Belt, recognized internationally through the Kukkiwon in Seoul South Korea. She was has numerous state and national tournament titles, including AAU Jr Olympic Champion from 1993-1996, and KAT International Champion held in South Korea in 2006. She began teaching in 1998 and continues to advance in skill, rank, and teaching methods under some of the top masters in the country. Master Phillips holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science from Truman State University, and is also an American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certified Instructor. 

Master Phillips has dedicated her life to teaching martial arts to the next generation. She believes that there isn't a better activity for your child or yourself.  At AMA she has created an environment where everyone is pushed to reach their potential (which is of course different for each individual), in a positive and focused environment. She enjoys not just teaching the physical techniques of traditional Tae Kwon Do, but more importantly, discipline, respect and character development- making each student a better individual, student, family member, and citizen. Advantage Martial Arts is not a chain or a franchise.  Master Phillips is solely committed to the students at AMA in Kearney. She brings her experience, education, and care to each and every student in each and every class. 



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