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  • Back To School Picnic

    The Leadership Team will be hosting a Back To School Picnic on August 11th at Claybrook Park! Come enjoy a potluck lunch, games and time to socialize with other students and families! Fill out this form to sign up: ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- Coach Cody

    How has Taekwondo had an effect on my life outside the Dojang? Being involved in Taekwondo has been one of the most influential aspects of my entire life. When I first began training in martial arts a little over five years ago I was a junior in high school and I did not think to highly of myself or my athletic abilities. That all changed once I began training. After I began training I noticed that was more confident in my public speaking abilities. My focus was greatly effected in the best way possible. After the first year I notice tremendous advancements in my endurance and my flexibility. I was able to kick higher and able to run faster for the mile run during school. You ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- Coach Tina

    One of the many fascinating things about Martial Arts is the duality of purpose and symbolism behind many techniques and practices. Most things have more than one meaning or purpose, from the seemingly simple jun-bi (ready position), through the many purposes of the ki-yap (spirit yell), to how, when, and why we kyung-nye (respect bow). Let’s focus on some of the many different ways students show respect while we are at the do-jang (Tae kwon Do School); you may know many of these, some of them might be new to you, and you may have seen other students doing some of these things without even realizing that they are showing respect. · Put your right hadn't across your heart, ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- Coach Erin

    Practicing Taekwondo can be a bit challenging at home, especially when you have no one to correct you if you make a mistake on your forms, or if you don’t know how to say a certain Korean word. Here are some helpful tips to improve your practice time to the best it can be. First things first; when you’re doing any physical activity, it’s best to warm up before hand. You could do the usual warm ups that we do in class, or you could make up a warm up that personally fits your style the best. It doesn’t matter what your about to do, your simple form or if your doing a full work-out, there is a reason we warm up first. Warm-ups are all about getting your body ready ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- Coach Christine

    Tae Kwon Do is family time for the Adcocks. I have trained with Master Phillips for five years along with my three children; Rachel, Monica, and Sean. I’m really proud that Rachel and Monica have achieved their Kukkiwon Black Belts and are now recognized as Black Belts at any Tae Kwon Do school around the world. Rachel and I continue to train and will be in the first group of Master Phillips’ students to test for the Kukkiwon 2nd degree Black Belt. It’s exciting but also scary knowing that our knowledge will be tested to the limits! Master Phillips is fond of saying iron sharpens iron and its true at Advantage Martial Arts; our leadership team works together helping ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- Coach Corbin

    So May is always a hard month because school ends, and you are making summer plans all while you are continuing your training in martial arts. In class I see so many faces, it's fun to come in and help all you guys. Unfortunately it's that time of the year again where I leave for 72 days to serve as full-time staff at H-Row-Bartle Scout Reservation and I have to leave you guys. May was fantastic! I can't wait until August to see you guys when I come back. ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- Coach Kolby

    My Life Before Advantage- Kolby Hayes When I was in Elementary school. I was a troublemaker. I didn’t care about work, got in trouble with the principal, talked back to my parents, fought with my brothers, and became a bad kid. I took Karate lessons every tuesday at the night hall by the Church of Annunciation for about five and a half years. They were nice and fun, but they didn’t feel organized. They just gave us lessons and expected us to do it in our sleep that night. When I was in sixth grade, Advantage Martial Arts replaced the old video store. One day Me and my mother went there took check it out and maybe transfer to a new school. I met Master Phillips and she was ....

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  • Black Belt Blog- March

    Some of my friends have asked why there are colored martial arts uniforms when most of them are white. Most uniforms, or doboks, are white because it is the most traditional color. The white symbolizes a blank scroll ready for knowledge or a student’s eagerness to learn. The more uncommon colors for a dobok are red, black, or blue. There are a variety of reasons as to why there are different colored uniforms at different schools. At events like tournaments, students will wear colored uniforms to distinguish themselves between competing schools. In some martial art schools, a different colored uniform can be a reward or can show your rank. Some schools have their students begin ....

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  • Black Belt Blog

    Dalton Dishman Advantage Martial Arts: A Greater Advantage My name is Dalton Dishman. I’m a black belt, and this is my fourth year as a student at Advantage Martial Arts. Martial Arts has been the single most beneficial activity I’ve ever had the blessing to do and continue to do for so long. Looking back now I can see how morals, and the lessons of respect I have been taught by Master Phillips, have come to influence my life in a completely metamorphic way. These lessons have taught me when to speak, when to remain silent, and when to simply perform my task to the best of my ability. These lessons have taught me to always give my best effort, to use every little bit ....

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