Practicing Taekwondo can be a bit challenging at home, especially when you have no one to correct you if you make a mistake on your forms, or if you don’t know how to say a certain Korean word. Here are some helpful tips to improve your practice time to the best it can be. 
First things first; when you’re doing any physical activity, it’s best to warm up before hand. You could do the usual warm ups that we do in class, or you could make up a warm up that personally fits your style the best. It doesn’t matter what your about to do, your simple form or if your doing a full work-out, there is a reason we warm up first. Warm-ups are all about getting your body ready for the day and making sure you don’t cause your body harm while working. Without warm-ups, your body might become pretty sore by the time class is over. Warming up before any exercise should always be a constant.
Whenever I practice my terminology/Q&A, I try to get a parent or friend to help out. This makes it really fun(especially when they try to pronounce a word). When you find a word that you don’t know, write it down! Writing things down is shown to help improve your memory and should make it easier to remember. Don’t have anyone around to help you at the time? No problem, just make a game out of it. I like to write down the questions on one side of the flash card and the answers on the other side, place them like a deck on the table, and start answering from the top card. If I get an answer right, I place to the side, if I get it wrong, it goes back into the card pile. This is a fun and easy way to study by yourself. If you don’t want to waste paper, here is a website you could use -
Taekwondo is more than just terminology though, it’s also about forms and techniques. Not many tips for this other than practice, practice, practice. Remember, it’s okay if you’re not perfect on your first try. Taekwondo is hard, you’re not supposed to be perfect at it, and that’s okay. It’s called Taekwondo practice, not Taekwondo perfect.
    -Coach Erin

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