Some of my friends have asked why there are colored martial arts uniforms when most of them are white. Most uniforms, or doboks, are white because it is the most traditional color. The white symbolizes a blank scroll ready for knowledge or a student’s eagerness to learn. The more uncommon colors for a dobok are red, black, or blue. There are a variety of reasons as to why there are different colored uniforms at different schools. At events like tournaments, students will wear colored uniforms to distinguish themselves between competing schools. In some martial art schools, a different colored uniform can be a reward or can show your rank. Some schools have their students begin training while wearing a white dobok and allow more advanced students to wear different colors. At Advantage we wear a white uniform and once you become a black belt you get a different colored collar. The collar on the uniform can be black for an adult black belt or black and red for a youth black belt. Hopefully, this information answered any questions people had about different colored uniforms and why white is more common. 
- Coach Rachel

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