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My Life Before Advantage- Kolby Hayes

When I was in Elementary school. I was a troublemaker. I didn’t care about work, got in trouble with the principal, talked back to my parents, fought with my brothers, and became a bad kid. I took Karate lessons every tuesday at the night hall by the Church of Annunciation for about five and a half years. They were nice and fun, but they didn’t feel organized. They just gave us lessons and expected us to do it in our sleep that night. When I was in sixth grade, Advantage Martial Arts replaced the old video store. One day Me and my mother went there took check it out and maybe transfer to a new school. I met Master Phillips and she was different from your regular martial arts sensei. I was about ten or eleven at the time and I was expecting some sort of Shaolin Monk to teach me many things in life. I showed Master Phillips what I’ve learned from my other school and was impressed. She told me about her school and how the process worked with leveling up to the next belt; I became impressed as well. I saw how they worked on everything in a specific way and trained every student with everything they had. The school was a better environment and was serious about what it taught; basically it had everything that a dojo needed. Within a week, I transferred to a new school and became a student of Advantage Taekwondo. The trials that I had to pass were difficult in my career, but I prevailed after about four and a half years. Changing to different schools didn’t just change how to defend myself, but also changed on the inside. I cleaned up my act, did so much better in school, and became a better person to the public. I have no idea where I would  be if Advantage didn’t open it’s doors. Taking Martial Art classes isn’t just something you can learn on Wikipedia. 80% of martial arts is Mental and the other 20 is plain physical. If you don’t have a strong will to prevail then people give up. Fighting on and on will help you get anywhere in life. If I didn’t know that martial arts was, then I would still be that troubled kid I was in grade school. Advantage had a huge impact on my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you have a passion for Martial Arts, make it have an impact on your life like how it did me.

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