Tina Payne Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Tina Payne in Kearney - Advantage Martial Arts

Tina Payne

Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt

Favorite Activity in Martial Arts: Stance Training

Favorite Technique in Martial Arts: Smashing Elbow 

Favorite Food: Quality Chocolate, in any form, preferably in large quantity

Favorite Music/Musician: Adele, and Imagine Dragons

Favorite Book: My all-time favorite is The Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind, and my current favorite is Lean In by Nell Scovell and Sheryl Sandberg.

Favorite Movie: Secondhand Lions

About Me: I enjoy reading, running, and spending time with my family, and healthy eating and fitness are important to me, especially in my roles as a Mom and a Weight Watchers leader.

I admire: There are so many people that I admire…too many to list!  The characteristics I most admire in others are integrity, persistence/perseverance, a positive attitude, and the ability to inspire others to do more than they thought they could.

My Goals: My goals are to live my life without regret, to take every opportunity to stretch my abilities, and to Lean In (read the book :) ), and one of my favorite quotes is “I do not fail…I succeed in finding out what does not work.” (Christopher Titus) 

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